Augmented and Virtual Reality Solutions for
the Real Estate Industry

ARenu allows you to manifest your vision so that your customers can experience

any real estate development project with precision and accuracy, leaving little to the

imagination. Our unique set of 3D, Virtual and Augmented Reality solutions offers

an immersive experience, optimizing your ability to present your project to potential

investors, buyers and tenants.

About Us

Here at ARenu we take building wonders seriously. We are a unique New Media firm

comprised of creative filmmakers, software engineers, artists and animators with a

shared passion for excellence. We specialize in using cutting edge 3D technology to tell

YOUR story through animation, augmented reality and virtual reality.

We have adapted our toolbox of skills and experience to the needs of real estate

developers worldwide so you can better manifest your real estate vision. Our team of

passionate, innovative developers and artists collaborate to create value for our clients

by turning dreams and visions into reality.

Our real estate solutions have been developed with your needs in minds. Working

closely with your architect, sales team, interior designer and you, we are the last and

final phase in your process, making sure all details are exactly as you’ve envisioned

them. We are excited to share with you some samples of our work illustrating what

we do and how we do it.


Our Clients

Adamamerica’s Yair Cohen Hoshen
(head of marketing)

“The ARenu platform is like nothing we have ever seen before. Using this sales tool has reduced our overall cost of sales and enabled us to sell more units, faster than before. Our experience working with the ARenu team has been a pleasure. They are knowledgeable talented and creative, and focus on bringing solutions that meet
the needs of the Real Estate industry

Testimonials from existing sales offices

To learn more about how we can help you with your next Real Estate project, please

contact us at:

(929)235-1272 phone